Thursday, May 16, 2019

Are Your Competitors Running Paid Ads on Facebook?

Facebook’s new ad library is a database of paid ads search-able by name, organization, or topic. The search results list active and inactive ads ordered by launch date, filterable by country. You can view the content of each ad, but not the targeting. In some cases you can see the company’s overall spend rate for the last year and last 7 days related to politics and “important issues”.

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Single Most Important Rule of Conversion Optimization

What happens when a potential client visits your website? In all too many cases the person just leaves. It's an unfortunate fact that most websites never reach their full potential because the owner of the website does not put enough effort into Conversion Optimization.
Conversion Optimization is the art and science of maximizing the percentage of people who become customers after visiting your website. The single most important rule of Conversion Optimization is to make it simple for the visitor to do what you want. If you want them to call you, then your phone number needs to be at the top of every web page. If you want them to click a link make the link as visible and accessible as possible.
Conversion Optimization can be a long and arduous process to do well, but following this one rule is simple and easy.