Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wordpress’s New Editor: Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg
 (Public domain image in the US.)
A new version of Wordpress, version 5, will become available during the next few months.  An official release date has not been announced. Version 5 will include a new editor, called Gutenberg. This means that the way you update/create website pages and posts will change. Gutenberg is a little different from the current editor, but it's pretty intuitive.

You can find some introductory information about Gutenberg on YouTube and (This has a Gutenberg live demo you can play with.)

Once your website converts to Wordpress 5, Gutenberg will be the default editor, but the "classic" editor will still be available for you to use.

If you want to try out Gutenberg you can currently install the Gutenberg plug-in on your Wordpress site. Or convert at a later date by installing the "classic" editor plug-in to avoid the conversion when Wordpress 5 is installed.

Gutenberg has a new function called "Convert to Blocks". At this time, unless you have received training with the Gutenberg process, we suggest you do not use this new functionality because it will change the layout of the web page you are editing.

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